A Thank You Card in Harley's Holidays

Jiya // Theodore 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 0

The title is pretty self explanatory. 

So, in Harley's Holidays, we have various types of cards. Whether it be: 

  • Get Well Card
  • Miss You Card
  • Merry Xmas Card
  • Pink Card
  • Happy Valentine Card
  • Good luck Card
  • Will You Be My Valentine? Card 
  • Halloween Card 
  • Congratulations Card
  • Easter Card

So, why not a Thank You Card? I wanted to thank someone for doing something for me and I had to spend so much time thinking about what to give them to show that I am thankful. If only there had been a Thank You Card to be bought at a shop, I could have just attached a message to the card and gifted it to the person and it would have been a good gift as it was a Thank You Card. 

It will be great if we could buy and gift Thank You Cards and it will be a good addition to the list of cards in Harley's Holidays. 

  • Thank You Card