Exam overview

Newton Shackelford 4 years ago updated by World of Potter 2 years ago 3

So my idea is that maybe there could be a tap under all the PT, BS there could be a page with how well you did your exams in the exam week. 

Let me say I take an exam in Runes and when I have done it, it shows under the "Exam" tap on your profile that is pretty much says if you have either passed the exam or failed so you have a kind of overview of who you have passed and haven't. I think this is a great idea if you need to have an overview of them, but on the same time, you can keep an eye on what classes you are improving in - as you also can see how good you did in that exam. 

Kinda like this: 
Runes - Exam passed with 'grade' (how many wrong and how many correct) 

I hope you will think about this because Its really bugging me not to know what classes I haven't done the exams in while needing to make sure I pass over 6 classes. 

I wish you all a nice day, 


I like the idea and think that also, it would be nice if we could see what answers we had wrong, in that review section.


Newton - I love the idea of having an overview of what exams you have taken and if you passed or not. :D It would be like a grade transcript that is sent home each summer. Also, once people graduate after the 7years and get " rped adult" jobs it would be clearer what jobs would suit them based on their scores on the N.E.W.T exams. 

Ana - I do not think it is a good idea to see what answers you got wrong seeing as the exams are reused each year and we do not want the younger years to get the answers to the later exams. :)