One notification reaction for writing on profile wall

Daan Siebelink 5 years ago updated by Jelina Emilia Hansen 4 years ago 7

When you react on someone profile wall, there are a lot of notifications when other people react. Sometimes there are a lot of notifications, I had one time 20 notifications just for 1 profile wall. My suggestion is to simplify all those notifications into 1 notification. Just like the topics. Otherwise there are too many notifications to click away. I suggest 1 notification for each profile wall.


Yes pls, I love following a topic, but sometimes it is spammed when I am back online...


Definitely bumping this up, would love this!


I like this idea. What I would add is that have it separately for different posts, so if there are two posts which receives comments you get two notificiations, but not all twenty for comments. That way you can still see which wall post got comments and not only one for all posts on one wall. :)

I think that's what we all had in mind. ^^