Ghost status

L M M 5 years ago updated by World of Potter 2 years ago 4

Ghosts are a huge part of the Harry Potter universe and it would be interesting to see ghost in game. One way ghosts could be implemented was to have it be a status you could win, of course ghosts couldn´t be students as it wouldn´t make sense for them to graduate and attend classes. I just think that WOP needs some ghosts, because let´s be honest headless Nick and Peeves are the true stars of the Harry Potter series.

Might be funny. Little sidenote, Peeves is NOT a ghost but a Poltergeist ;)

I like the idea :) but when this becomes a status it might be nice to stop the aging process. The person will always be the age they died.


That's great! You could just owl the MoM of your site for that or do a topic and an admin can just give you the status.