Saving Your Articles

Olivia Clearwater 5 years ago updated by Kayte / Angela 4 years ago 1

When I'm writing an article to post for the house Notice Board, sometimes I accidently delete the tab that I was typing on and I have to start over. Or sometimes I have to reload and then I have to start over. So that there are ways that this can be prevented, I think it would be a good idea to make it possible to save an article, but not post it.

Please oh please can this be added. As both a columnist and CD, I have plenty of posts to make and there's nothing I hate more than being nearly done and accidently closing the tab or having the page crash, and when I bring it back up, all of my work is gone. 

Of course, the article could be saved on another site or in a Google doc, but when you transfer it, there are still things that need to be changed so it works with WoP coding.

This would be soooo helpful to everyone who posts articles!