Limit for Topic Rplies

Luthor Page 5 years ago 0

I don't know about anyone else, but one thing that bugs me REALLY BAD is SHORT ONE LINE TOPIC REPLIES! That isn't fun for anybody when doing topics. No one knows how to respond, no one knows what the setting and surroundings are, it just gets hard to do a topic with people only putting one or two lines. I propose we put a 3 line MINIMUM for topic replies, just like when starting a topic. (US Rule). Prefects could manage this as apart of their duties. Some topics die out really quickly because no one can respond to the one liner that said: "And then he walked in and ignored everyone." 

If he ignores everyone you can't really reply something like: "She walks up to him and is ignored." 

It just isn't really fun. A 3 line minimum for topics would make sure that our topics have more detail and enough words to keep people engaged! I would suggest making it four or five lines minimum, but I know people who usually only write one liners might be a little mad at this. 

If we manage to put this rule into effect, imagine how much better and engaging our topics will be!