Make requirements Linked

Deanna Cherry 5 years ago updated by World of Potter 2 years ago 5

I had lost a lot of money from moving around the site trying to find the items I needed for the classes, not on WoP because dropping money was not a thing when I started, but on WoW. It would be nice to be able to make the Required items  have links on the to the store you can get it from so people, especially new people, are not clicking around, having to ask for help find them or losing money from having to click around.

This is useful to everyone who dosent know where the large shovel is!


I thought users that are 'younger' than 7 days, couldn't drop money... but I still think this would be so handy, it just saves a lot of time and frustration! 

I know on the WoW site I was dropping money in my first few days when trying to find stuff, and it would help for later years too when you are clearly WAY past your 7 days ha

An easy solution to this would be simply leaving your galleons in Gringotts in another tab until you find the store, then remove them and purchase your items. 

If you think that the teacher should add in where the item can be purchased, owl that teacher to see if they will add it.