'one item from every shop' achievement bug

~ Emma ~ 5 years ago updated by World of Potter 4 years ago 4

Multiple times I have bought at least one item in every shop existing at WoP. At first, I thought I missed a shop so I visit them all again one by one and bought stuff. Still, the achievement is locked. I was wondering if more people have this problem with this particular achievement.


Yep, I had it too, sort of. On NL, I bought items from all shops that I hadn't bought something from yet, and I knew for sure which shops I did purchase something from because I already handed out house presents back then. I finally got it in a shop I had bought something in before, so it's definitely bugged. 

I believe it only works of you still have every single item from the different shops in your invetory, and not if you've given it away or deleted it for example.

I thought of something like that in the first place too, but I have at least one item of every shop in my chest/inventory for a few months now. Still, it won't work, unfortunately :(