Buy medicine from money that's in Gringotts

Jada Nightflame 5 years ago updated by Someone_not_me 2 years ago 4

Sooooo... now we have to put all our money in Gringotts, otherwise we lose it. Sure, I can live with that. But it sucks that you now can't buy medicine while your money is in Gringotts... It just says you don't have enough Galleons. So I'm proposing a feature where you can buy only medicine with money that is stored in Gringotts :)


Why it got declined? Its a good idea. Many of us users forget to go online and have to wait for an hour cause we don´t have 200 G in our hand. That´s relly annoying. For example when a Quidditch game is at the same time and you have to wait an hour and cant watch it.

The fainting feature is there to make sure people log on regularly... and as you said: "people who forget to log on"

yeah, but there are people who cant go every day to WoP.
And maybe there are some people out there who can only one hour a week :/