Marauders Map filter option (bad name, please read description)

Abigail Baines 5 years ago updated by Marmuc 5 years ago 2

I'm more than sure everyone had that moment where they needed a teacher urgently, even better a specific teacher, and went to the marauders map to look trough all the users to see if that person was online.

How about a filter kind of option(dont have a better name for it) ?

Like, when you enter marauders map, you have all the colours at the top and what it stands for right? how about when you click on teacher for example it shows only the teachers who are currently online? it would be a lot easier than scrolling through sometimes 100 users.


This really is a great idea. It would also make it easier for new users to find their HoH or the prefects from their house. For now, however, if you're looking for a specific teacher that you know the name of, you can use CTRL + F and then enter that person's name. Though when there's trouble and you really need to find management... this would absolutely be ideal!


But there are filters? There's the button for "all users" and you can type in names and houses and the bloodtype. And then there's the job list.

But lookin' for special kind of useres like teachers or management is not that easy, that's true...