NPC player from plot team

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the idea is that while we are encouraged to RP ourselves and use NPC's as minor supporting roles i think it would be a cool idea if some people wher assigned to be an NPC player, this means that whenever you want a topic with NPC's you actually could use them instead of them doing what you want them to do. this for both plot topicd and regular topics where people can send an owl to one of those players.in case of the regular topics he would get some instructions or pre-meditated rolls (like house-elfs. usehalf a dozen names to change things up but to stay consitent aswell) and during th plot topics they could play (with the 2 most recent being the spring fair and the muggle) they could play those characters so the people could actually interact with them. they arent there to be used all the time but people can request them to play or in plot topics they are encouraged to play as said char

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Users already may join your topic unexpectedly and if you would like to have some other kind of creature, you can just rp it into your topic. This isn't exactly necessary and if you really would like this to happen, I'm sure another user would love to join your topic to spice things up a bit.