Decline/Accept the Application

Saras Gujar 1 month ago updated by Carmen Devereux 1 month ago 1

If someone has applied for IG job, then he must recieve auto mail as declined/Accepted/Under review email which could be automatically. It will be great and very good for those who applied. It will help them to not wait longer and they could move further or apply for another job.


Sometimes when people apply, the applications are saved for perhaps a future point in time, if the person applied during a time that they weren't looking or there just was a better choice at the time, but might be interesting in the future when a new spot is available.

People don't always look at the email, if they aren't looking at that time.

If you want to know ask the leader, if you are still in the running. Some people might not want to discuss it, which is also something that needs to be respected.