Update/Patch Notes

Rodrik 5 years ago updated by World of Potter 5 years ago 2

Update/Patch Notes

My idea is that we have a area which Valentine and Sam or The Minister of the site if Val or Sam are busy which they Write Update/patch notes for whenever they do major bug fixes and updates, or small ones if need be, This let's users know what bugs were around and that they are fixed but also let's users know what is new, but also a great way for the communty to get to know what's going on and can also be very interesting, Video Games normally use Update/Patch notes which is great for the community to know what's going on so they are informed, Yes WoP is a text based RPG and not a Video game, But the concept could still fit in and work!

Thanks for taking time to read this idea everyone!

(This was completed as you now have a change log! :D)