Location of The Qubblers office

Isabelle Black 2 years ago updated by Carmen Devereux 2 years ago 1

Can we change the location of the quibblers office? Since right now both magazines office is in the ministry but the quibblers is really in Hogsmeade. 

"Merge Publications is a wizarding publisher which issues the monthly tabloid The Quibbler. It was housed on the second floor of Office 323 in Hogsmeade..." - https://harrypotter.fandom.com/wiki/Merge_Publications 

Just something that bugs me a lot as the CE of the quibbler SE. 

The Daily Prophet is not located in the Ministry either. You don't have to really look at the category it is in. Just look at the newspaper's office in the in universe sense. It wouldn't make sense to split the two up, because the location aren't exactly the most visited, so splitting them up further makes no sense.

The Ministry category was just made because both things in there has something to do with office. The overall category is also The World Outside.