Optional signature

April Jaymes 2 years ago updated by Carmen Devereux 2 years ago 2

Hi! I love the signature, but sometimes I just don't want it. For example when sending something very informal or just a message consisting of three words. Is there an option that you could have a checkboy under the owl with the option to not use your signature? That would me awesome!

I mean, you could turn it off in settings and then send the message. I would just make your signature very minimalistic for owls if you are going to be sending important messages?


I agree that if the signature is minimalistic, then it is less intrusive in less and more important owls. I would just get annoyed about seeing a button under the owl everytime, because I know I wouldn't use it, as my signatures are simple and doesn't intrude much. I understand that people want really pretty and elaborate ones, but if you have to turn it off often, it doesn't make sense to have a wildly intrusive and elaborate signature.