Feed All and Cuddle All Button For Pets

B. Roi 2 years ago 0

Alright this was already brought up a while ago, and declined for the reason that "It should be work to take care of your pets" essentially. I get this, but it's already plenty of work feeding them in the first place in the case of those of us with over 10 pets, and keeping them happy and dealing with either Lonely pets or dozens of notifications when other's cuddle them all, and going through each of the pets to feed them, remembering who got what already, if someone needs 2, if someone already got fed for some reason, clicking back and forth, buying medicine and giving it to the wrong pet and having to get more, its all a hassle, and plenty of work goes into it without having to feed them individually. If not for a button that says 'feed all', if the drop down could let you click which of the pets to feed in a 'choose all that apply' sort of manner, and something at the bottom showing how much pet food you have and how much you would be using, it would make it much easier for those with a dozen or more pets, as well as any with more than three who are tired of clicking back and forth. I get that it might take a while to code it, but it would also make pet owning much easier and more sought out, and more enjoyable for those of us who already have a ton of pets but are struggling to keep them fed just because its a hassle to click through the process over and over again. 

I believe the latter part of this idea has already been brought up as well, but to keep pets happy, they have to be cuddled, and for people with many pets, that means clicking each, letting the 'pet cuddled' sign come up, dismissing it, and repeating through the process for as many as 2 dozen pets, and while that might seem easy for just a few pets, it really starts to build up. Not to mention when you get distracted for a minute and all of a sudden you don't know where you left off, and you have to go through and cuddle again just to find where you were. Just putting a button at the top of the page for 'cuddle all' would make cuddling a lot easier, make pets a lot happier, and making owning them much more enjoyable, considering they wouldn't be lonely and unhappy as much. Adding to this as just another idea, the notifications for cuddles!! Currently you get a notif per pet cuddled, and as someone with 10 ferrets and a golden sheep, whenever I ask in chat for cuddles I get bombarded with dozens of notifs. The notifications could be shortened to just "[insert name] just cuddled your pets!" regardless of how many pets and which, it would make it easier for pet owners to ask in chat for cuddles without fear of being flooded with notifications. 


~Bella Roi and The Ferret Army