New Achievements (in general)

Chloe/ Selene 2 years ago updated by Blorfalorph 1 year ago 3

Hello hello!

So I know there were a ton of topics like this made in the past but I have like... more??

So I feel like there should be higher achievements for each one in general. 

For example, for the Pet cuddles, the "Cuddle 7500 Pets" is a lot but we should have a:

- Cuddle 10,000 Pets

- Cuddle 25,000 Pets

Lots of people cuddle pets on their free time so I wouldn't be surprised if someone had 40,000 pet cuddles

For points, we should also update it with higher achievements such as the following: 

- Earn 25,000 points

- Earn 50,000 points

- Earn 100,000 points

I personally myself have 50,000 points total but it's discouraging to not have any rewards after reaching such heights

For homework graded, we should have the following: 

- Grade 10,000 assignments

- Grade 15,000 assignments

- Grade 25,000 assignments

Lots of people grade in order to earn points for their house so I also wouldn't be surprised if someone had like 15,000 assignments graded. I personally have 11,000 which isn't too much so perhaps one day, I'll reach those peaks.

For Anagrams, it should be similar to Riddles so for Anagrams solved, the achievements should upgrade to:

- Guess 2500 anagrams

- Guess 5000 anagrams

- Guess 7500 anagrams

Similar to Anagrams, Riddles should be upgraded to: 

- Guess 2500 riddles

- Guess 5000 riddles

- Guess 7500 riddles

In other words, basically upgrading all achievements. 

Thank you for taking your time on reading this suggestion. <3

♡Chloe / Selene / Penelope♡


To answer 2500 anagrams/riddles would take you almost 7 years, since you can only do one each day. None of the WoP sites is that old yet. So I don't think those achievements are necessary yet. 

But I agree to the points, pets, and homework ones, since they are already realistic!


Oh right true haha. Maybe keep the anagrams the wave it is right now. XD

I totally agree with this! A lot of people have already hit the highest achievement in some categories - especially ones like pet cuddles or grading. So this would be a wonderful addition that would keep you motivated to carry on when you're way up there :3