Graduate Cup (like Student Cup)

Chloe/ Selene 2 years ago updated by Henrietta Nagy 2 years ago 2

Hello hello!

So you know that you have to be a student in order to have a chance to get the Student Cup?

However, I'm about to graduate on one of my accounts and I know you can always make an alt to earn points but I'd like to continue being active on my graduate account.

Therefore, I'd like to propose the idea of a Graduate Cup where it encourages graduates to earn points by doing homework and grading homework. That way, graduates can also participate in points and not give up in helping their House once they're graduated.

Thank you for taking your time on reading this suggestion. <3

♡Chloe / Selene / Penelope♡


While I think this is a wonderful idea, I do see a few issues with this idea.

On a lot of World of sites, graduates are not allowed to do student homework or grade (some are different than others, each has their own rules). Additionally, it doesn't fit for some sites to have graduates in student classes, and while there is the option of graduate classes, there aren't as many of these on most sites.


Addition to this, where you can do homework or grade (so you are not a staff member) you can still do homeworks in the past or grade new homeworks and earn points. So you get a chance to win the 'student' cup even if you are a graduate.