Block/Ignore function

Ryuz 2 years ago updated by Ohio Mambo 2 years ago 3

I am aware that a similar suggestion was declined two years ago, but I would like to try again with a few arguments as to why this would be a good function to have.

While general disrespecting and questionable behavior should be brought to the MoM or HM of the site, sometimes it's about a user who makes you uncomfortable or who you do not want to associate with, while the person hasn't actually done anything wrong that would warrant a ban.

It is impossible to like everyone you meet and sometimes it becomes hard on a person if they are forced to continuously interact with someone they want to avoid on the sites. This could very well be a reason that is not against rules, but just that you want to be left alone by the user and ignore them without seeing them message or owl you all the time. After a while it becomes very hard to keep this up, and if the other user makes it a point to, for example, talk to you and ping you in chat this leaves you with only the options to either suck it up and be nice to them despite your discomfort, leave the chat and site completely, or actually snap. Of course, we do not want these things to happen as the users of these sites are all very valuable and so is their comfort and safety while online. 

This is something that I have been made aware of several times, both from my own perspective, but also as a prefect leader myself who has been entrusted with concerns about similar situations from others. Therefore, I would like to suggest this function one more time, and ask that it please be taken into consideration. 

For this function to not disturb staff members in their work, I would also suggest that management members get the ability to override this function, or to simply make it impossible to block/ignore graduate staff members. 

I still agree with the last decision on this matter to have it declined. I don't see how this feature would work in forexample chat, because you would perhaps see that the person you blocked and another user is alone on chat. Would this then look like the person you haven't blocked is spamming? We all know that people will say things like: don't spam. I cannot see how blocking would work with a site wide chat without creating problems.

I think it would be fine if the message came up as something similar to deleted messages, so like:

Username: This message is blocked

Or something along those lines. This would keep the uncomfortable message away from you, while still allowing you to know that another user in chat exists.


Maybe, it would be better if we just had a Button on every users Name. Whenever we click on it, we'd have to give a very good example [for the Minister and Headmaster], why we want to block this person. Like... "This person's bullying me", or something like this. Without a good reason, they would just simply deny it. 

I think this is very important. You can block people anywhere online; on facebook, instagram, whatsapp but not on WoX! I really just want to avoid some people, but it simply isn't possible.