Potions Supply

Marvelo 2 years ago updated by Carmen Devereux 2 years ago 1

Ok so I think the site doesn't have all the potions ingredients!! I have been searching all over the place but I haven't yet found sloth brain. I wanted to brew Draught Of Living Death but there is no Sloth Brain and Asplodel root to make the actual potions!! Most of us don't have enough money to buy the recipes from which they would be able to make potions so we just have to try the blind way!! I think there should be other ingredients as well, which would give us, the users more opportunities to brew more potions!! 

Thank you.


M. Slytherdor


not all potions are currently available. The potion you are trying to make doesn't exist on site yet. The reason for the recipes is to give you a better percentage and let you know how long you have to brew, because all but one potion has to brew more than 24 hours.