Allow prefects to use chat on mobile without VIP

Felicity Crawford 3 years ago updated by Carmen Devereux 3 years ago 2

Hey hey! :D

One of my accounts is a prefect, and because I’m not VIP, when I’m using WoP on mobile, I can’t actually see the chat and make sure everyone’s following the rules on there, which makes it really bad because I can’t do my duties. So if something happens in chat and I didn’t say anything about it, I’m probably gonna get told off about that by my boss, even though there was no way i could have done the work.

That’s why I’m suggesting that prefects can use chat on mobile without paying for VIP. Once they stop being prefects, those privileges can be taken from them, of course :3 I’m just suggesting that it could make it a lot more helpful for us just trying to do our jobs.

Thanks :D


Why in the world would you get told off for that? There is always a hierarky for who keeps the chat in check, which generally goes management jobs (yellows, blue, dark green, red), teachers and then prefects. So there shouldn't really be any point in time where you would be held liable for things like that.


i have no idea why I forgot to mention my own colour in there. Teal is in the first category.