Search for people by LEVEL

Felicity Crawford 3 years ago updated by Harri J. Toepfer 1 year ago 8


I’ve been thinking recently, and I’ve decided that I would LOVE to know how high my level is compared to other people’s, because I’m quite competitive :3 and I think it could be a great idea if, in the User List, you could also search for people by their level instead of name, age, house, year etc.

You could even make it so you can search for people by ACHIEVEMENTS, though what you’d need that for other than to compare and gaze in awe at the one person that managed to send a billion million trillion owls, I don’t know :3 And it’d probably be complicated too.

I hope you consider my idea, and if not, have a nice day :D


Also, search by status would be nice

User Statuses can be found in each site's Status Book in their equivalent of the library.


This could be fun and useful ;D


This is awesome, I would also feel more comfortable making friends at my own level... I love this idea!


And activity! Especially useful for BS team. To be able to see who logged in like 'less than a week' in 'two weeks' etc etc. I would SO LOVE that! :O


This would not really get off the ground, since there is already a "sort by year" option in the Marauders Map, or site equivalent.


I also like this idea, but not for competitive reasons. I write a gossip newspaper for Ravenclaw (.de) and I want the people we write about to be active (If they weren't, they won't read the text about them and we need not have written about them at all).

For example, if we wanted to write, that two second years got lost in the forbidden forest, I would use the filters "Ravenclaw" and "Second Year" on the marauder's map and then there would be plenty of Ravenclaws to write about. It would be so much easier if I could sort the results of my search by level. Then I would see instantly who is active and who isn't.