Pick X number of items from chest to showcase and give story

Me me me 3 years ago 0

Just like the achievements, where you can pick 3 to show, you should be able to do the same with items in your chest.
Much like the former you could choose a specific number (maybe 5?) and then, like pets, you should be able to write a description for them. like, if my user always carries around his magical pocketknife, then I could place that object in a box in top, where I could write for that item a 'background story' like "He got this on his 2. year at Hogwarts, a bit of the blade is broken off from when he tried to..yadda yadda yadda" and yes you can write this on your profile page instead, but that is the case with a lot of features on the  website. And I think this could be a great way to implicate more of the items you can buy, in your In-Game play/life.