Notification for book updates

Raven Prior 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 4

I am really happy with the notifications for new books, but I think there should also be a notification for updated books. Some of the librarians work really hard on their update, but are ending up with no reaction because no one notices the actual update. I know tags are also useful to promote updates, but only the people who are online at the time of the tag will see this while everyone will see the notification of a new book. 


Perhaps there could be an option to post a notif in the book admin, so if a book is edited minorly or multiple times, there isn't a notification for every edit, but if they edit a big portion and want people to know, they can draw attention to it.

An alternative solution is to delete and repost the book, but then that loses the likes and comments the book has gained :(


I agree, something like a box to tick before updating to have a notif would be perfect. It would be a pain to get notified everytime we just correct a spelling mistake. 


That would be great!


I think losing those likes and comments would be sad for the librarian who actually wrote the book, because some reactions are from people that aren't active anymore