Remove Certain Paywalls

jethroasmuts 3 years ago updated by World of Potter 2 years ago 3

While it's well understood that the site requires money to function--as well as to progress--locking key-features of character customization behind a literal paywall isn't the best way to earn money.

Your users love the site and are inclined to pay for VIP to help keep the site going--as well as people who want to complete collections are willing to pay for cards. But, locking name-changing, age and year-movement is just anti-consumer. 

You'll notice I haven't mentioned Houses. There is a reason for that. Houses can easily be chosen via the correct choices, so keeping that behind a paywall is fine in my opinion.

Regardless--my suggestion is to allow everyone the option to change their name, year and age once. Once this one chance has been used up then they have to pay to change it again. I think such a thing is fair to the consumer, and fair to the site as well.


Name-changing and age/year changing have a paywall because they want to encourage people actually using the site and its mechanics. I agree that a "one-time-only" free chance to fix things works but it also may be used by folk who are looking to dodge something terrible they may have done. That's probably a long-shot but it makes sense in a way. Even having a free pass to completely change your character's name and age does discourage the effort put into actually working and graduating their character. They have reduced their prices greatly regarding these changes, however, which I find a plus.


Changing your age/year for free once prevents people from having to age up the natural way, which is a big thing about WoP.

If you make a mistake when signing up that involves your name (or gender, which I am guilty of), however, you can ask the MoM or HM directly after making the account if they can adjust it for you, and if they are unable, you can either make a new account or have your account deleted and recreate it.