Extra credit and extra curricular activities

Eleanor Rook 3 years ago updated by Squirrel Jo 3 years ago 3

It would be lovely if the option to do extra credit work or projects was available, as it would be true to the harry potter cannon, as we always see hermione doing extra work, and neville doing extra herbology activities. 

As well extra-curricular activities would be excellent, not just in the form of chat rooms. if i recall rightly, there were things like gobstones club, frog choir, and of course Dumbledore's Army. it would be lovely to include this on the website, and make it interactive for users, rather than just a chatroom. 


in what way would you want this? You didn't really give any ideas on how to make that.

I believe that if you take all the subjects, there is enough homework to keep you busy for quite a while : 10 homeworks time 10 subjects in 1 year means already 100 homeworks, if you take time to write a nice piece of RP for each of them, you can't really get bored. So to my mind there's no need of extra work. 

About the other activities you mentioned, I like the idea of the Gobstones Club and Frog Choir, although on most sites there are clubs involving them. I also agree with Val : how would you see it ? Playing Gobstones against the computer ? Another player ? What rules ? What cost ? What's to win ? Etc. Lastly, Dumbledore's Army is cannon therefore we can't really make an IG club with it.