Losing Galleons

USKiwi 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 6

Every time I log in when I have been paid or got galleons form marking/homework. I always find that it isn't the right amount like for 40 galleons I get per week I will only have 27 or something when I log in.

I lose money so much. It always drops

You'll only get bank interest when you log in.

I don't think that is what they mean. 

I believe what they mean is they get paid 40 for their jobs, but end up getting an amount lower than 40.
Or, they grade homework, and end up with a lower amount as well, like in this example, it's 27. You cannot get 27 galleons from grading as you get 5 galleons per assignment.


Just wanting to bring this back up as it is still an issue, and is worse then before


I have the same issue. Do you by any chance have a pet in the Kennel? Maybe that takes money out of your pocket rather than from Gringotts.

I do have pets in the kennel but I lose far more then the 12 Galleons that it costs to keep my 4 pets in there.