Amortentia with a function

WoPideasblahblah 4 years ago updated by World of Potter 2 years ago 5

Just as the amazing fireworks, maybe buying an expensieve love potion could have an effect on ones page, if recieved as a gift? for example that all of the posts on your wall would be pink and a status would appear by your name 'in 'love' with *random user name that sent the gift* ' which would then dissapear again after 24 hours perhaps. 


I find this idea rather nice, it would bring some more color to the site :p however 24 hours is a bit long to my mind, maybe 1 hour would be enough from the time the user logs in and sees the gift ?


I could see some very troubling scenarios coming from this... In general, love potions are morally gray because they take away consent for the person ‘enchanted’. I know this is a playful suggestion, but it is something that I want to mention. I think the real danger of this feature, however, would come from the chaos it would cause. People could send a love potion to someone their character had a crush on that was already in a relationship to ‘break them up’, or a student user could attempt to send a potion to a graduated user, which would be strange for everyone involved. I love this idea in its surface, but I just foresee too much going wrong! 


But then again, the things, or problems, you are mentioning here, is only "valid" so to say, if that is how it is played out IN GAME. Isn't it like saying, under relationships, that you are married to your own user or to your characters bestfriend? 

However, someone with a lot of galleons could keep buying these and forever have it state that they are "in love" with their character. 
I do agree with Casimir, the idea is something nice, but with a love potion, there are too many things that can be abused or go wrong with this.

You can already send a love potion via gifts, and there, they don't need to accept it ingame. That should be enough for now.