More house points for homework

Ximena 4 years ago updated by World of Potter 3 years ago 3

Dear WoPers,

I would like to see a review of the scoring system for homework and the evaluation of homework.

At the moment you get 5 house points for grading homework and between 2 and 10 house points for doing homework.

  • Outstanding: 10 house points and 12 Galleons
  • Exceeds Expectation: 8 house points and 10 Galleons
  • Good: 7 house points and 8 Galleons
  • Acceptable: 6 house points and 6 Galleons
  • Poor: 4 house points and 4 Galleons
  • Dreadful: 2 house points and 2 Galleons
  • Troll: 0 house points and 0 Galleons

I have no comparison to other WoP sites, so I can only assume WoP-DE.

Tasks of the homework on WoP-DE are usually very detailed. They often

consist of several questions. That's why homework, if you want to do it

properly, takes between one and two hours and many users write about

1000 words. At least that's not uncommon over here.

In the end, each of the 5 people grading homework earn 5 points - a total of 25 house points.

The time required for grading is about 15-20 minutes, even with detailed feedback of 180 characters and over.

Considering that so many users put much work and passion into their texts, the points are in my opinion a little too few.

Once for those who write really good homework and also for those who take the time to read and grade them.

In my opinion this work is worth more than the 5 or the 10 house points (in the best case).


I agree with that, especially since the upgrade for Peeves question, where you either get five points for a right answer. That most times doesn't take more than five minutes, even if you have to look it up. Thus it seems quite out of scale to get the same amount of points for reading and commenting, let alone do homework.


This would certainly be a great thing to implement! I notice that even not all the most lengthy homeworks meet all the points and therefore receive the same marks as one who would spend a good hour or two. There is the availability of it to be featured in their house's homework corner, but there is limited space in the posts so many a time it isn't given the recognition and praise it deserves, even if it is only from five graders; it can make all the difference.


Points were increased a couple of months ago.