House-Newspaper as actual Journalist-Jobs

Evallia 4 years ago updated by World of Potter 2 years ago 6

Those Teams,which create House-Specific Newspapers should get an actual Journalist-Job,

since they do the same amount of work as players working for the daily prophet or the Quibbler.

The only difference is that less people read their articles, which dosn't make it a more appealing job.

But still the teams keep their House-Newspapers and extra-articles like Quidditch-reports and Event-reports going without much credit for it.

So an real Job and maybe colord Names (maybe House colors) would be some way to appreciate this work. If a distinction between over-all-Jobs and House-internal-Jobs is desired, at least give a colored name outline, colored first letter or shadow.
The desire for an visual highlight is simply because a lot of (especally new) players, don't even know about those Newspapers and Articels (however they manage to overlook the notification for it). If there would be an actual indication that People are working on it, or an entry in the Job listing, it could bring more attention to it and also convince players to join those teams. 

Right now it is hard to find Authors for those Jobs, since it dosn't get acknowledged site-wise, and in the end everyone wants a little acknowledgement for their work,right? 


On some sites, the authors are paid just like journalists ;) There's no color though


They are hired as journalists, but they are just hidden :) the joblist would be too busy if every houseboard writer were there.

With the colour, then what about people who already have a job but get a noticeboard post? I would hate that my team members don't want to show off their own team's colours, if it was another colour than the journalist one.

If it was the same as the journalist colour, then the journalist section would be too crowded and I don't think anyone would want to join my paper, if it was such a bloated thing.


Writing for your house board is a voluntary task you ask your HoH if you can do so you can bring something to the house. You get recognition for it in house through getting paid, being praised by your HoH, and also by getting named and recognised in the Club or in any summary posts your HoH may do. As well as your name going under the post if you are able to submit them yourselves (I know some HoHs like to post themselves). 

If you don't feel like you're being recognised for your work in-house then maybe that's who you should be speaking to?


ich feel like this isn't working the same way everywhere. For one not everyone gets paid (in our case), and for two we are not asking our HoH to be allowed to post something, but instead we do it weekly with a set schedule , like each other Newspaper, overwatched and supported by our HoH and on his behalf. but he can only do so much to support.

In the end the House-Newspaper is a powerful tool to keep the interactions and Events in our own House going and helps new Players to get into the game, it is not something we do just for fun or to kill time. It supports the site and therefore deserves the same acknowledgment as other newspapers, for gaining the power to attract new autors to take this job instead of one of the bigger newspapers JUST to get a red colord name (honestly thats the crucial reason  most of the times). 

As for crowded job sections, the teachers-assistants-area is so much worse croweded than the Journalists-area.....so this really should not be the killing factor.

Maybe at least the HoH should get the ability to assign actual Journalists for the house - so it dosn't have to be the whole team, but only the Organizer, or however the HoH want's to handle the situation in his house.

There is the option to be paid for housepost, so ask you HoH about that, and even though you don't see it as voluntary, where you can write whatever you want. Then I would think that you went to your HoH with an idea and then given a day for it.

As Min says, then you are most likely mentioned in the club for your house, so there you have your spot. The official jobs is something that is for the whole site, where site, where house post is things only seen in the different houses.

I do want to mention that in my experience as a Chief Editor, then it is one of the hardest jobs to fill, because there is a lot of expectations for the people. Like you have to write in a certain style, where house post are more free in what it is you do.

To the point about the joblist, then it does matter, because let us say there are 6 writers for each house and 6 journalists for the 2 newspapers, then it will be 6 lines long, which is far more than there is of ATs and sometimes that can really be too long. I don't want to go even further down to see who the BS team are, if there are problems with people's backstories.

To be honest... I don't get why this should be needed, if you are already written into the club.