Searching made easy

Roseleigh 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 1

We all know the marauders map and it's many searching abilites.

But what it does not have, is the option to search people by their middle names or just by their surnames only. 

It would make searching for possible long lost relatives tons easier!
Plus, It would make it far more easier for the Backstory team to hunt down improper names.

So what I would propose is that if one types in a name, for example "James". 

Every name that has James as first- middle- or surname appears in full detail.

So when you search you also see everyone's full name, not just their first and last.

In this case Harry James Potter would also appear in the search.

Same thing for surnames, when you search "Potter" 

So I accidently send it before I finished it. Here is part two haha.

When you search for "potter" 
Harry James Potter would also appear in this search.

Now it would be great if this feature would be available for everyone, though i think it's mostly important for the backstory team.

Any questions?
I'm happy to answer them.