Jobs for the graduated

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Quite some time I have the idea of creating a kind of jobs in the game. The way I would want this is quite similar like the courses, so it is something that actually fits the game of World of Potter.

My idea is that you can do specific ‘quests’ which are job related. I will write one of them, for auror, out in detail.

The idea

My idea is, that you will have a course for a bigger quest, let’s say, trying to catch a bad guy as an auror. To do that, you should go through different stages, which require getting evidence and getting information about the bad guy. These different stages will be split up in ‘classes’, or just for the graduated, working shifts.

During these working shifts you’ll follow a kind of storyline, written by someone in the staff. Maybe a new leader? Or someone (or a duo) from the staff who is willing to take that job under his or her wing. 

And to complete your working shift, you have to make ‘homework’, just as the students have to. But probably with the focus on RPG, because their character has to work and work through the storyline. 

Because I think it would be too much work for the graduated and the staff, I would prefer only 5-6 workingshifts a year, because the homework will be more divers and bigger assignments. So I would not prefer the 10 classes that we have now in the current courses.

Maybe, after a while, it will be possible to create a kind of promotion, because eventually you can add new quests and new storylines, just the same as the different years we have in the normal courses. 

Sorry for maybe the bad explanation, so I also wrote down an example for the auror job:

Job: Auror

Place of the course: London

Quest 1:

Requirements: The courses that you’ll need as an auror, such as potions, Defense against the dark arts, etc.

Course name: A stolen clock (Example, so it can be anything!)

Part 1 – Receiving a weird note

So this is the first workshift, where you will get information about your quest just like in a course. And you’ll have to write out your workingshift just like homework.

After that, you’ll get part 2, part 3, part 4 and eventually part 5, where you’ll catch the bad guy and find the clock.

Job options

Maybe it is possible to start with three jobs, such as Auror, Healer and Magic-zoologist. And eventually we can add more, like working at Gringotts, or being a Quidditch player. 

Thank you for reading!

I would love that. Also, that the job would be shown in the profile, just as blood status and gender. 


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