Chat ideas

faypotterworld 4 years ago updated by Kayte / Angela 4 years ago 1

A welcome message appears across chat automatically for new members including the house they have been sorted into.

Also all the @ messages could be made private, between the people talking, to free up chat flow. Only moderators would have access to read the messages. 

For the welcome message, on more active sites, 1-3 people join every few minutes, which will increase the amount of messages in the chat and will cause it to be flooded with those messages, creating problems as it will be increasingly difficult to use the chats, will spam the chats during less active times of the day, and can be abused if user(s) create multiple accounts just for that purpose.

Making @ messages private would not only be difficult, but also loses the point of having an open chat. If someone wishes to talk to a user in private, they can easily owl them by pressing the envelope at the top right of the screen.