Quidditch Player Symbol/Status

Abigail Baines 5 years ago updated by World of Potter 4 years ago 9 1 duplicate

Maybe we could add a symbol for the Quidditch players or a status on the profile on their page so that people know who is on the Team?

It is really hard to get hold of players from other houses when there is a problem because not everyone knows who is on the team.

And if not for every player then maybe at least Captains and Co-Captains? It would be a great help to be able to find each other quickly should there be a problem.

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I'm all for the captain and co-captain status. The symbol would be cool too, as long as it doesn't give away the position of the player :)


No I was just thinking of maybe writing either

'Quidditch Player' or maybe 'Quidditch Captain/Co-Captain'

:) Or if we do symbols maybe something like a small snitch or something next to the name, like the cake for birthdays

I love this idea!! It would be great!

WOuld be nice, even if i can't imagine what kind of problems you think of, actually.

One I can think of would be how frequently the Quidditch team changes. Who would have the power to give the symbol? Likely the Head of House, and if they're awfully busy, it'll be difficult to constantly regulate who has them and who doesn't. 

With problems I meant things such as sudden game changes, or the likes if something happened.

Also to get back on the reply:

The captain/cucaptain could get the admin power from their head of house.

They dont tend to change that frequently I think so they could be in charge.


I'm a quidditch captain, and I think it would be a great idea :)


This could be so helpful! Although, like Kayte said, there would have to be a way to change it easily as the team does frequently change.