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Report users to staff or heads of house by one simple click on a button when they don't stick to rules or express bad behaviour.

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I second this, it would be really useful to be able to report something instantly. Also would be helpful to have a guide of which staff members to contact for various situations.

That is already being handled by Prefect's,staff and management. It is handled in both chats and RP. If someone contacts you via owlery then alert a staff or management member at once and proceed from there.


That's all very well; however, I think the point is that at the moment we have to do it in a very roundabout way. For example: If i want to report some activity on a topic to a prefect, I have to go through the following steps:

1 - Find out who the prefects are so I know who to contact

2 - Write down all the info of what happened in the thread (because I'll need to leave the page to go to the Owlery)

3 - Write the owl to the prefect containing that information

It might not seem like much, but it's a lot of work compared to being able to click on a button that directly reports a specific bit of information, and leaves a lot of room for error. A button would enable the right information to go directly to the correct person to look at it. 


I like this suggestion because there are a few people who ruin the fun for everyone and sometimes there isn't a prefect or a teacher or someone else to say that they have to stop! So it will be much easier if there was a button for that!


I disagree Ms.Rose, take a screen shot of the owlery conversation and contact an administrator and show them the proof. I would say in this instant for a faster result consult a staff member.


You can always report users by sending an owl to someone from the backstory team, your HoH or someone from the management!

I agree with this, though it's a long-term report.

I think with a reportsystem on people profiles there would be send out a notification to an inbox where everyone with the autorized features can check the reports and handle them, this way users with for example inappropriate names will be cleared out faster.


would make our work much easier I guess. There are always a few problems and with this simple function, (maybe added by the option why the user was reported), we can react much faster.


I like this but maybe report to prefects first? It's a part of their job too


It is mostly staffs job. Prefects are there, if staff is not there.


If someone isn't online though, pressing report won't really do anything until they get online, and if there is someone online, you can just message them when they are :D