Friendly matches for Quidditch

Lucan Brown 4 years ago updated by World of Potter 3 years ago 1

Dear Potterheads,

today I’m appealing to you a new idea regarding Quidditch matches.

Maybe I should explain first where the idea comes from. Many members of the German WoP-Staff played Quidditch for the house teams and had to abandon their career as they joined the Staff. But many of them are still very interested into Quidditch. That’s even well known by some members of the current Quidditch teams and they breathed the wish to compete against a Staff-team or other adults.

That’s where my idea kicks in: It would be another option for the Quidditch pitch such as an exhibition game, which wouldn’t even influence the annual point table of the regular season. In this game the dependence on one house should be abrogated and both teams could consist of members of any house without switching the assigned house. This should be enabled by a sort of two ‘invisible’ houses, which could be launched and would make possible to compete with each other.

Thus it would offer the opportunity to host other Quidditch events as well, just like a friendly play of school-leavers against a team of teachers as a kind of farewell gift. Another event could be a play of all Newbies before the official beginning of the season. So they could do a kind of tryout and overcome some of their anxieties before competing with routined Quidditch players in their first match.

Of course the minister of magic must agree to any event-proposal and schedule the additional match. But as I see it this kind of game would give some teams the opportunity to check out capacities or even to use it as a try out for their future teams.


Lucan Brown (Arithmancy teacher WoPDE)