$0 Purchase Shouldn't Require Credit Card Info

Ruby 4 years ago updated by Maia Blackburn 4 years ago 5

Making a purchase of '$0' to change my pets name/sex prompts me to put in credit card info/pay with paypal. My card keeps getting declined and pressing 'pay with paypal' takes me to a blank white page. A free purchase shouldn't make me give credit card info and is just making it difficult to use the feature. If it's not actually $0 and is charging me something that should be labelled correctly.

But as far as I know this has to be a mistake because it costs on other sites?


Its not meant to be $0

Which site is it showing $0?

It was showing it on US before, but I'm not sure about now

It still says $0 on US but I'm not sure about other sites :)