Rereading your homework you already made without it being the actual week

Sophia Secunda 4 years ago updated by World of Potter 3 years ago 4

I was looking for some information I wrote in one of my homework assignments as I needed the details I wrote beck then for one of my topics. However as it is an assignment I made in my first year in week 5 or 6 I'm not able to look into it at the moment as we are in week 2 of this year.

So my request is that when you have made an hw assignment and it is graded, that you are able to open this assignment and read it no matter which week it is, so that you are able to use the information without having to wait for the actual week.

As the homework is already made it shouldn't give a problem to be able to look back into it.

I love the idea! This really makes sense. It has happened to me before too and it's really annoying to not be able to check something that may be important for you to re-read because it is now part of your character's backstory.

I can see the idea of this, but in some way I think you should save it on your PC then? Because you can reread when it is after that week but that doesn't mean the assignment isn't changed or that the teacher can make a mistake and delete the course, this has happened before, so I think if you want to see it again, the best way is to save it and not make this opportunity to look at an assignment.